Downstream extensions


Certain files like hosts and libvirt configuration are not really meant to be shared publicly. One is suppose to use the --paths argument which allows to extend the list of paths where runperf searches for assets. It uses the same directory structure like runperf so you might create:

  • hosts/ - to store hosts definition
  • libvirt/ - to store libvirt profiles


One might also need to define custom provisioners, profiles, ways to install pbench or other tasks. This is possible via standard python entry points. Available ones are:

  • runperf.profiles - to add downstream profiles/scenarios
  • runperf.tests - to add downstream test runners
  • runperf.utils.cloud_image_providers - to add custom cloud-image providers
  • runperf.provisioners - to add target machine provisioners
  • runperf.utils.pbench - to add custom pbench setup
  • runperf.machine.distro_info - to extend machine sysinfo collection

the order depends on which entry point was installed first.